Beer Can Island

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Update: The current owners decided not to sell the island and will continue to push forward with zoning and improvements on the property. Memberships are now open.

Update: May 2nd 2024, We could not come to an agreement with Nick Lipidarov, If you mailed him a check, Nick has assured us that those checks will be returned to sender and not cashed.

If you are still interested in purchasing shares or investing into the current organization that owns the island please contact for further information.

Update: April 13th 2024, We have a new “potential” owner that wants the community involved, for a pledge of $1000 you can be a shareholder and own a piece of the island plus have a voice and a vote as to what the future looks like for the island. For more information please visit XXXX

Update April 10th 2024, we have received multiple offers, no deals have been signed thus far, we are still accepting additional offers.

To submit a cash or crypto offer please contact Cole Weaver (813) 434-3366 or Russ Loomis email or 727-254-9153

Property Details:

Paradise island – Pine Key also known as Beer Can island is located in the middle of Tampa Bay 2 miles offshore from Apollo Beach and 2 Miles from Mac Dill Air Force Base. The buyer can rename the island if they so choose.

The most recent survey shows the island having an upland of 9 acres and a “shoal area” of approximately 60 +/- acres mainly to the south and west of the uplands.

Click Here for a copy of the Survey

Option to transfer Food and beverage licenses

Discover Pine Key – Paradise Island, Your Exclusive Oasis in Tampa Bay

Welcome to Beer Can Island – Pine Key – Paradise Island, an extraordinary haven just 2 miles from the mainland, affectionately known as “Beer Can Island.” Encompassing approximately 9 acres of picturesque pine tree-covered upland, along with approximately 60 +/- acres of shoal area, complete with riparian rights and rights of accretion. This pristine property extends a rare invitation to ownership.

Buyer may change the name of the island if they so choose!

Six years ago, a visionary collaboration transformed this island into a sought-after, membership-based paradise. Partnerships with esteemed charter companies not only elevated its value within the Tampa Bay community but also turned it into a vibrant destination for residents and visitors alike.

Currently unzoned, Pine Key offers a unique opportunity for innovation. With the right vision and willingness to collaborate with Hillsborough County, opportunities for development could be explored and expanded upon.

In Hillsborough, there are currently four other islands with residential zoning. Notably, one spans 2.58 acres with ‘residential 20’ zoning, emphasizing spacious residential possibilities, and another, 1.41 acres, is zoned ‘residential 4,’ showcasing potential for more concentrated yet appealing layouts. These instances provide valuable insights into the diverse residential zoning options already enjoyed within the county, offering precedents for the island’s prospective development pending proper zoning and regulatory considerations. 

Beyond its allure for private buyers, corporations, and international investors, Beer Can Island has become an integral part of the local community, weaving economic and social threads that enrich its surroundings. This isn’t just a property; it’s a narrative, an evolving story of transformation and untapped possibilities. With historical recognition for hosting events, the island seamlessly transitions into an exclusive VIP property, tailored for both private and corporate ownership.

Immerse yourself in the possibilities Beer Can Island presents. Explore the myriad opportunities, witness its enchanting beauty, and envision the lifestyle that awaits. Contact our dedicated real estate agency for more information or schedule an appointment to experience this exclusive oasis. Welcome to a world where your island dreams become a reality. Welcome to Pine Key Tampa Bay.